Why use this Tool? Demonstrating the business case for best practice

The GPT Group fitout. Photo by Tyrone Branigan Photography courtesty of Arup

Conversations around sustainability are maturing, and are permeating into the everyday dialogue between consultants and their clients, policy teams and government bodies, management and staff. These conversations address the questions raised throughout the Decision Support Tool, and for many, identify ways to overcome the challenges identified in the Challenges section of this website. But where do these conversations lead? What comes out of them?

As the Australian professional services sector continues to thrive in its provision of sustainable solutions to clients, it is timely to consider the current ‘best’ or ‘better’ practice in internal business sustainability in order for a process of knowledge sharing to occur with benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

This section of the website provides a review of a sample of activities undertaken across a range of organisations in Australia all with the common goal of supporting more sustainable business practices in professional services firms. Whilst it is by no means exhaustive, the review provides some initial indicative benchmarks for current practices pursuing sustainability.

This selection of illustrative case studies serves to highlight the commonalities in approaches across sectors and can be used to support and encourage collaboration and inspire innovation.


Sustainable Governance, Reporting and Accounting Internal engagement and staff culture
Collaboration and engagement Technological improvements to offices and infrastructure