NDY Perth Office Green Star fitout. Photo courtesy NDY
Norman Disney Young At NDY, we carefully and skilfully consider ways in which our communities and cities can become more sustainable through the appropriate management of our built environment.

We believe that the built environment is where environmental, economic and social imperatives converge to play a vital part in our future. We take a holistic approach to buildings, energy, natural resources, and transportation technologies and how they intersect and impact on our built environment.

As a global company, we practice what we preach. We have attained global ISO14001 accreditation and our Melbourne headquarters is a triple five star Green Star building, which is also set to be the pilot project for the latest rating tool: Green Star Performance. Most of our offices have achieved, or are in the process of attaining Green Star & NABERS ratings.

At NDY, sustainability is not an ‘add-on’: it is an intrinsic part of everything we do.