The Business of Sustainability

This site helps to guide professional services businesses of all sizes and disciplines, at any stage of their journey, towards a more sustainable business. That means delivering a better business in every sense: more efficient, smarter, more competitive and more profitable. Achieving this is critical to the ultimate goal of a sustainable future. That is the business of sustainability.

Whether your business is large, medium or small; whether your firm is well-advanced in pursuing a more sustainable model; or if you have never considered operating more sustainably at all, identifying and implementing value for money interventions to deliver a more sustainable business, and a more sustainable future, is becoming an area which is important, but difficult to navigate.

The Business of Sustainability website—including our Decision Support Tool, challenges and best practice case studies—exhibits opportunities for professional services firms to become more sustainable, demonstrate the benefits of this for their value and competitiveness, and encourage professional services firms to initiate or advance conversations around sustainability.

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About The Business of Sustainability

The Business of Sustainability started out as a project through which our member firms could share best practice and aid one another in the pursuit of more sustainable, productive and effective businesses. Its development into a business tool for the wider professional services industry is something Consult Australia is very excited about…

Decision Support Tool

Behind every business decision, many questions, scenarios and outcomes are considered, each of which impact the path chosen and the eventual outcome. The move towards a more sustainable business is no exception as it often entails reworking of existing business models and strategies…


Conversations around sustainability are maturing, and are permeating into the everyday dialogue between consultants and their clients, policy teams and government bodies, management and staff. These conversations address the questions raised throughout the Decision Support Tool, and for many, identify ways to overcome the challenges identified…

What’s Next?

The Business of Sustainability hopefully has provided you with some food for thought for your journey towards a more sustainable business, but what next? Where do you start?

To help you take the first step, we’ve asked the leading sustainability experts who authored The Business of Sustainability to indicate which areas…